Lanechange DNS Controller (beta)

This controller will stop the browser from popping up, make sure you want to do this! Please let us know your experiences with it on or the 4TU Discord.

If you would like to disable the DNS for a period of time or indefinitely, you can do so on this page. You should use this if setting the DNS back to Automatic does not dismiss the browser.

If you disable it forever, and you'd like to get it back, you can visit this page on a computer at (Needs to be on the same network as your Switch).

Current Status


Update Status

Additional Info

This page and controller applies to (Switchbru DNS)

Other controller pages:

These public DNS services are intended to help users browse the Internet on their Switch. We apologize for any inconvenience if you did not intend for it to appear.

Source code available on Github or Gitlab.